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Chris Jay- A Spokesperson on Disability

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Are you looking for a unique speaker for your event?

As a prominent voice and accomplished speaker on the topic of disability, Chris Jay is the perfect choice for a spokesperson at your next event or conference.

Born with cerebral palsy, Chris has been a wheelchair user for over 20 years and draws upon his own unique experience and vast knowledge to provide insightful and engaging speeches. His vast experience in public speaking and his background in training, writing and providing comment on the topic of disability awareness, make him an ideal guest spokesperson for a vast range of disability related topics.

With expertise in disability within the world of the workplace, in business and education, Chris’ presentations provide insight into the true benefits of becoming an inclusive business or organisation. His speeches cover topics including customer service improvement, increasing your target market, disclosure, hidden disabilities, developing understanding, improving communication, enhancing your brand through inclusivity, legislation and the development of inclusive business environments. (Although he is not limited to these topics and is able to create bespoke content specifically relevant to the theme of an event).

Chris’ creative style and sense of humour make him an exciting, informative and entertaining spokesperson, suitable for a range of industry or corporate events. As well as enabling large banks and commercial businesses to vastly improve their accessibility, Chris has also led universities in their ongoing efforts to becoming fully inclusive institutions. (Read more about these projects here).

Chris has worked in numerous industries improving inclusivity in organisations in sectors ranging from finance and education, to hospitality and the public sector. He has also worked with hundreds of schools across the South of England, to promote inclusion, understanding and empathy amongst children and young people, as the profits Bascule generates provide free training and awareness days.

Chris is a Director of Great Ballard School, near Chichester- an independent prep school, and was previously the Executive Chairman of a disability charity where he was responsible for raising awareness of disability in local, educational, and business communities, so is able to draw on educational and charitable experience.

To book Chris for your next event - email - info@bascule.com or contact 0330 3800662 today.

To see Chris present at the Skills and Employability Summit- click below:

Chris Jay presents at the Skills and Employability Summit 2022