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University Training and Consultancy

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At Bascule Disability Training we aim to support the needs of universities in their ongoing efforts to becoming a fully accessible institution.

Our proven experience in providing leading universities in developing an organisational approach to disability equality means we can:

  • Provide the support required to ensure your institution reaches all the necessary and desired quality standards
  • Deliver awareness training to staff members in a range of faculties and departments
  • Help develop improved support for students with disabilities
  • Develop a strategy of reasonable adjustment
  • Empower university staff with a greater sense of empathy and understanding
  • Improve student services
  • Enable university staff to communicate more effectively
  • Widen the university’s appeal to potential students with disabilities
  • Increase staff retention
  • Improve physical accessibility on campus
  • Generate positive publicity for the university

Bascule’s bespoke and unique interactive training modules will support an institution in providing an inclusive and supportive environment for both staff and students. As the training facilitator, Chris will visit the university campus to deliver a training programme tailored specifically to each university’s needs, covering various topics including the definition of disability, barriers, etiquette, accessibility, terminology, disclosure whilst acting as the university’s consultant for guidance, advice and evaluation.

Contact Bascule Disability Training now and gain the awareness your institution needs.

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For further details on how Bascule Disability Training can help your institution gain a positive perception of disability call: 0330 3800662