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It may shock you to learn, that ignoring the needs of people with disabilities as a potential customer base, costs UK businesses around £1.8 billion per month. 75% of disabled people and their families also say they have left a shop or other business because it failed to meet their needs. Furthermore- two-thirds of the British public (67%) admit to feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘awkward’ when talking to disabled people.

At Bascule Disability Training, we enable businesses to create truly inclusive business environments and empathetic workforces, whilst gaining access to new talented employees and a wider customer base.

Through interactive bespoke modules and workshops, we provide numerous benefits to your staff, customers and the business itself.

We empower workforces with a firmer understanding of all areas of disability, covering issues such as correct use of language, customer service, etiquette, communication, legislation and the development of inclusive business environments.

We will visit your workplace, and through a targeted programme, will raise the confidence of your staff by removing any barriers that may exist, usually as a result of a lack of training, understanding or knowledge.

Delivered in a relaxed, informative and engaging style- our training will:

  • Empower your workforce with a greater sense of empathy
  • Improve your customer service
  • Enable staff to communicate more effectively
  • Support staff with disabilities that you currently employ
  • Increase your target market
  • Widen your appeal to potential employees
  • Increase staff retention
  • Generate positive publicity for your business

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