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Why Choose Bascule Disability Training?

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If you are seeking disability awareness training, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the range of options, various formats, and number of providers. 

Here are a few reasons why Bascule Disability Training is the right choice for you…

  1. We are a User-Led organisation

Unlike many organisations, 100% of our training is user-led meaning that all Bascule training facilitators are people with lived experience of disability themselves. This means that we are able to offer insight, knowledge and understanding of disability through real life examples.

  1. Our training is interactive

At Bascule, we offer more than a lecture. We want our trainees to learn through exploration, communication, debate, consideration through interactions, workshops and activities- as well as insightful presentations. We give our training content great consideration and make it as collaborative as possible, and always make it clear that participants are in a safe environment where any questions can be asked.

  1. 75% of our proceeds go back to the community

As a social enterprise, we use 75% of our proceeds to fund free awareness activity packages for schools. Here we enable children to develop an awareness of disability, allowing them to learn about the needs, challenges, and unique life experiences of disabled people, through educational games, debates, and activities. Our clients that choose in-person training are able to hand-pick schools, allowing their work with us to contribute directly to their local community.

  1. We can provide training in a way to suit your needs

We do not limit our training to one method. If a in-person session in your office or a venue of your choice suits you best, we are happy to accommodate your needs. We also offer interactive online and in person training packages, for as little as one staff member- to a whole group session tailored specifically to your business. We also offer consultation, audit and spokesperson services.

  1. We have experience

Our facilitators have an enormous amount of experience of working with businesses in sectors including finance, banking, hospitality, catering, leisure and retail to mention just a few. We have also worked extensively in the education sector and have provided numerous Universities with awareness training and consultancy services, helping some to gain Disability Confidence status.

  1. Our content is bespoke

If you have a particular area you wish to focus on, or if you would like us to consider a particular aspect of your business, we can customise our training to address your needs. Whether it’s enhancing your customer service so client facing staff are better equipped- or providing the guidance to help you become Disability Confident. We are able to create packages that directly address your requirements.

  1. We train all staff members

We provide training for all your staff and do not limit our offering to any particular roles. In fact, we encourage senior staff members to attend, as meaningful change often occurs when C-Level staff members get on board.

  1. We provide balance

Did you know, the word Bascule is also the French work for balance. Striking a balance between the needs of the business and those with disabilities is important to us. While we will always strongly advocate for people with disabilities and the benefits they bring to organisations, we also recognise that just as in law, what is reasonable for a business to do in terms of adjustment is limited by external factors.  

We will always advocate collaboration, cooperation and a culture of openness.


Make the right choice and make contact with Bascule today, to find out more about how we can help you on- info@bascule.com