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Coutts Bank - Team Leader Training


Having previously trained various members of the Coutts workforce, Bascule returned to provide further disability awareness training. This time, the leading private bank and wealth management organisation required training specifically for its staff members working in managerial positions.

Managing Director at Bascule, Chris Jay visited the Coutts, UK headquarters in London, and delivered a training programme which addressed various topics including the definition of disability, etiquette, accessibility, terminology, the disclosure of disability in the workplace and more.

The aim of the training session was to reach even more members of Coutts’ staff, across all departments. The, Director and Wealth Manager at Coutts UK said, “We asked Chris to develop a bespoke training programme that would enable our team leaders to go back and train the members of staff which they manage. Chris provided a session that addressed our needs enabling us to further increase awareness in various areas including recruitment, HR and customer service. The training also covered legislation, law, and support for line managers, with a focus on the technology available for staff with various disabilities.”

“It is always our ambition to further enhance inclusivity and diversity at Coutts and for this to be reflected in our recruitment process. We aim for our staff to bring the best of themselves to work and therefore we strive to provide a workplace that best supports people with disabilities.”

After the training, Bascule received positive feedback from the staff members that participated in the training.

“The training that Bascule provided was very well received. Staff found it informative, useful and engaging. They found the session valuable and it provided those managing staff or clients with disabilities, with added support and information.”

“Training like this certainly improves the way staff perceive disability. We wouldn’t hesitate to ask Chris for his help again. Of course, working with Bascule also means that we create an opportunity for a school to benefit from our training as Bascule puts a high percentage of funds back into free awareness training days for children, which is a real added bonus.”

Staff present at the Coutts training said:

“Really enjoyed it, very informative and mind opening”

 “Relevant content, discussions helpful, encouraging conversation”

“Very Thought Provoking”

 “Made me more comfortable with acceptable language”