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Bascule Disability Training Gains CPD Accreditation


We are delighted to announce that Bascule Disability Training’s online and in-person training courses have become accredited by The CPD Certification Service.

Following an accreditation process involving an objective assessment of Bascule’s course content, structure of training modules, materials and learning outcomes, Bascule has been successful in meeting CPD industry benchmarks and guidelines.

Accreditation was received by The CPD Certification Service the world’s leading and largest independent CPD accreditation institution.

The training courses were benchmarked against a proven assessment criteria to ensure the required standards were met across a number of key areas.

Bascule’s training is designed to enable businesses to create truly inclusive workplace cultures and empathetic workforces, whilst gaining access to new talented employees and a wider customer base. Through interactive bespoke modules and workshops, the training provides numerous benefits to staff, customers, and the business itself.

The courses cover a broad range of disability related topics including correct use of language, customer service, hidden disabilities, the physical environment, workplace culture, etiquette, communication, legislation, and the development of inclusive business environments.

Managing Director and Training Facilitator, Chris Jay said:

“We are delighted to have received CPD accreditation. This benchmark reflects the high standards we have always strived for and demonstrates that our training methods and content are aligned with industry standards.

“It also allows our attendees to receive CPD hours or credits enabling them to develop and grow professionally, whilst receiving CPD certification for their achievements.”