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Disability Awareness for Education Professionals

Chris Jay

Bascule Disability Training recently provided an online disability awareness training session in partnership with the Independent Schools Association entitled- Embracing Difference: A practical approach to disability awareness for education professionals. 

The delegates were from varied backgrounds and roles including Head Teachers, Assistant and Deputy Head Teachers, Teachers, EDI Co-ordinators, SENCOs, HR Managers, Education Officers and Safeguarding Leads. 

The course- led by Chris Jay was designed to allow all independent education professionals to enrich their understanding and awareness of disability.

Through interactive workshops, the course allowed staff to gain a firmer understanding of disability, (or build on their existing knowledge), whilst gaining new skills for use in both the classroom and the school as a workplace.

The workshop covered issues such as the correct use of language, etiquette, and legislation, helping delegates to become a more inclusive professional, and colleague. Delegates also learnt how to confidently communicate with pupils and colleagues with disabilities, whilst exploring hidden disabilities and the systemic barriers impeding inclusion.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of disability, a stronger sense of empathy, and discovered new working behaviours to accommodate inclusivity. allowing them to be a more inclusive and understanding educational professional, colleague and line manager. 

To find out more about our training, follow this link - or email info@bascule.com