Bascule Disability Training Launches New Access Audit Service
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Bascule Disability Training Launches New Access Audit Service

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50% discount on audits for organisations signing up for training in June 2024*


We are pleased to announce that Bascule Disability Training will now be offering its clients an Access Audit service to assess the inclusivity of their environment.

Following the training of additional staff members, Bascule is now able to assess the physical space of clients, allowing them to improve and enhance the accessibility of workspaces, educational environments, and public buildings.

These audits will enable Bascule’s clients to consider how inclusive the spaces they occupy truly are, giving consideration to routes to the building, entrances and exits, design and interior aesthetics, features, fittings, signage, parking and much more. Bascule will then provide comprehensive reports, advising organisations on how they can improve their accessibility.

Chris Jay, our Managing Director said, “The ability to provide an access audit service will certainly complement the disability awareness training that Bascule currently provides. Our training helps to change people’s awareness, perception and understanding of disability, but when it comes to taking meaningful steps towards change, inclusive environments are also paramount.

“It’s now our aim to help organisations identify and advise on changes required to remove any barriers that may exist, helping our clients to provide their building’s users with a welcoming, accessible environment for all.”

To promote the service, Bascule Disability Training is offering 50% off to any organisations signing up for disability awareness training in June 2024.*

If you would like to find out more about Bascule Disability Training’s audit service -contact or click here.

*Training must include a in-person training session, or company online training programme. Contact for more info.