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Bascule Launches Online Disability Awareness Training


Bascule Disability Training has launched a new form of online training, bringing its disability awareness programmes to the homes of remote workers.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Bascule Disability Training has been unable to support the organisations and businesses it usually works with due to social distancing restrictions. However, Bascule has now developed new training modules to show businesses the benefits of becoming more inclusive, through new online interactive group sessions.

To mark the launch of the online programme on 27th October,  Bascule is offering an introductory price of £15.00 per person for its training which will cover the business and social cases for cultural change around disability, communication, current legislation, appropriate language and etiquette, inclusive workplace environments and much more.

The workshops have been designed to inform people of the business benefits of making their organisations inclusive, they will be live, interactive and will take place in an open and safe online environment. They have also been updated to consider the impact of the pandemic on employees.

Chris Jay, the Managing Director of Bascule said, “There are 26 million people in the UK with disabilities and long-term health conditions therefore, during this pandemic, businesses must develop a stronger understanding of the individual needs of their staff. As well as help businesses make reasonable adjustments, this training also demonstrates how inclusivity brings many business benefits, such as increasing your target market, developing communication, improving staff attraction and retention, and generating positive publicity.”

The initial workshop can be found below but companies can also book bespoke sessions online for their staff by contacting Bascule directly.

CLICK HERE if you would like to book yourself- or a colleague – on to the course.